Sunday, June 19, 2011

Memphis Milestones

For Spring Break, I loaded up the kids and drove us all to Memphis, BY MYSELF FOR THE FIRST TIME!!!!!  And by the grace of God and very carefully timing stops with the ends of movies and the distribution of food, we managed to make the trip quite successfully.  I was really proud of how patient the kids were with the fact that I couldn’t climb back there to retrieve every dropped toy or pass out snacks just whenever.  BECAUSE I WAS DRIVING FOUR FOUR-YEAR-OLDS SIX HOURS ACROSS THE STATE OF TENNESSEE!
So why take on this crazy journey?  Because I couldn't wait any longer to see MY NEW NEPHEW!!
Baby Graham was born at the end of January, so we HAD to go and see him!  Isn’t he a cutie? 
Bud and KayKay’s SEVEN grandchildren!
Aunt Jojo’s house is SO MUCH FUN!  We had a great trip even if it wasn’t very long.  Love you guys!

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