Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Marching Along

Okay, back to catching up.  I really want this DONE!!  I want to talk abut their BIRTHDAY and turning FIVE and KINDERGARTEN!!  AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!
Okay, so I got these cute pictures on St. Patrick’s Day:
Kiss us!  We’re Irish!  At least if you go back far enough in the family tree, we are!
Our beautiful Reagan!
Now, Jim and I have often been told how beautiful and well-behaved and sweet our kids are.  AND THEY ARE!  But they aren’t ALWAYS.  Sometimes they are like this:
Or in some cases, this plus whining or crying or all sorts of obnoxious unhappy noises and fussing because he hit me or she took my whatever or I don’t like this kind of chicken or this is not the show I want to watch.
blah, Blah, BLAH
ALSO IN MARCH, we celebrated my birthday!  Yea for me!  The best part was the surprise party Jim and the kids threw for me the day before my birthday!  It was a Thursday, and I’d had to stay late after school because it was Parent Conference Night.  I got home late, exhausted, and hungry and opened the door to this:
The kids’ artwork decorating the kitchen and a stack of presents!  (Please excuse the pile of stuff in the background.  We were painting the playroom)
Jim had taken the kids shopping and let each of them pick out a gift for me.  THEN he took them to the grocery store to pick out a cake.  Three children immediately pointed to the chocolatey-ist one they saw, and then everyone looked at Jonathan.  BECAUSE JONATHAN DOESN’T LIKE CHOCOLATE.  And Jonathan said:
I don’t like chocolate, but Mom does, so we should get the chocolate one for her because it’s HER birthday.
I swear, he’s one of the sweetest children on the planet sometimes.  I love all of my kids and they all have their sweet moments, but of the four, Jonathan is most likely to think of others before himself.
And Jonathan's sweetness on top of the fact that my kids were big enough to choose presents for me and big enough to write their own names on the card was more than I could handle and tears were definitely shed over those special moments and the thought of how quickly my babies are growing up.
I may go cry some more now.

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