Sunday, June 5, 2011

I Got a Gun.

Okay, before I get to more snow, here’s a cute story to finish up the visit from the cousins.
In addition to celebrating Tyler’s birthday, we also celebrated Christmas, so there were presents for all the kids to mark the occasion.  Clay and Carey had decided to get the kids each a Nerf gun.  Tyler loved the one he got for Christmas, and they knew our kids would love them too. 
And they did!  At least, three of them did.
Reagan, admittedly, was not thrilled with her present.  You could see the thoughts in her mind.
It’s a gun.
I’m a girl.
There’s nothing pink or sparkly about this thing.
Of course, as wise adults, we all knew that she would enjoy the gun and be SUPER MAD if all the boys were running around shooting up a storm and she didn’t have one.  But that didn’t mean anything to Reagan right then.
It meant even less when Avery opened HER present…Disney princess dolls!  In all their sparkly princess glory! 
Reagan was SO disappointed!  And Uncle Clay felt SO bad!  It didn’t matter that she’d play with the gun like crazy.  It only mattered that she was sad right now. 
I think Clay was ready to hop in the car and run to Target, when we remembered that we had some spare toys hidden in the closet BECAUSE YOU JUST NEVER KNOW WHEN YOU’RE GOING TO NEED SPARE TOYS!  One of those spare toys happened to be a Disney Ballerina Belle!
We quickly threw Belle into a bag and Clay gave her to a very delighted Reagan!
Since then she has definitely learned to appreciate the fact that she has a gun too.  She may not like it as much as the boys like theirs, but she knows it’s good to be able to defend yourself against your brothers!

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