Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Thomas Update

For the inquiring minds who want to know (you know who you are!) here is an update on Thomas. As you may recall, he got hit with a plastic bat on July 3rd (read about it HERE) and it cut him just below the eyebrow.

Here he is on July 7 (writhing in continuous pain, as you can tell)

And here he is on July 13 when all of the tape finally came off

And here he is today, July 29

So he does have a scar and probably will for a good long time if not always, but it's not a terribly ugly one. If, like now, he is in desperate need of a haircut, you can't even see it! I'm sure it will fade with time, until it is hardly noticeable. If nothing else, he has a good story to tell!

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Anonymous said...

He's very cute - scar or no scar!