Friday, July 24, 2009

Divorce and Multiples

If you follow Jon and Kate, you are probably aware of Kate's comment on a recent episode about the high divorce rate among parents of multiples. When I heard her mention it, it made me sense to me, although I had never heard that fact anywhere before. Since I'm nosey, I was curious and got online looking for the official statistics on divorce rates among parents of multiples BUT I COULDN'T FIND IT!

Not long after that, i received a link to a survey being conducted by MOST (Mothers of SuperTwins) on this very subject because they couldn't find out anything about it either. MOST is a pretty big organization and pretty widely regarded as a wealth of information on Multiples, and the could find no record of research on this particular divorce rate anywhere, so they are doing their own research. Currently, they admit, it is only informal, but the the survey is still open, so I encourage any of you readers out there who are parents of multiples to click the following link and go take their survey.

To take the survey, click HERE.

I'll have more to say about Jon and Kate in a future post.

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Nikki McElroy said...

The Jon and Kate thing makes me sad. I read an article in People yesterday about Jon's "galavanting" with the new "girlfriend". So wrong. I don't know how God could have expressed it any stronger than say He "hates divorce" Malachi 2:16. I know there are cases where a separation is "best" (hard to find the right word there) in some way, but it is never what God meant for marriage. Those kids are and will be affected by it.