Saturday, September 6, 2008

Tagged by My Sister

Well, Jodie tagged me on her blog, so here goes...

The rules are:

1. Include a link to the person who tagged you.

2. Mention the rules.

3. Tell six unspectacular quirks of yours.

4. Tag six bloggers by linking.

I'm going to break the rules by not tagging anyone. I feel like a couple of my friends have already done this on their own blogs, but I'm not sure and I don't want anyone to have to repeat themselves. BUT I will say that anyone who wants to do this on their own blog SHOULD! And then leave me a comment so I know you;re doing it! Then I'll go back and edit this post to include a link to you! Because really, it's kind of fun to learn about people's quirks.

Here are some for me and the kids. maybe jim will leave a comment about his own quirks, but I'll spare him from doing it myself! haha!

Me first: Like my sister, I have a tendency to leave behind the last bite of certain foods, particularly anything sandwich-like. This includes hamburgers and hot dogs. And pizza crust. I often do this with meat too. The last bite of steak. The last bite of chicken. Weird, I know.

Another quirk of mine is a need to have things in alphabetical or chronological order. This orderliness has had to take a backseat since the kids were born, but given the free time and no mile-long list of other things to do, I would happily return many things in the house to the order they used to be in: books, CDs, movies alphabetized, my Disney movie collection back in chronological order...on some level it bothers me that the kids' names are not alphabetical by birth order, but there's nothing I can do about that now. Birth order reigns here at the house. Anyone who helps out here regularly knows that I like to order things in birth order. It just makes it easier for me. I'm not obsessive about it, but it does make me happy!

Now for the kids: Even at the tender age of 2, they have a few quirks.

Jonathan: We've discovered that although he CAN skewer his own food with a fork he often chooses rather to sit and stare at it, rather than eat it. If you skewer it for him and hand him the fork, he'll gladly eat it...and then put the fork down. And quite happily not eat another bite. Very annoying.

Zachary: He likes to eat fuzz. He'll chew on it for awhile first. He also likes to run down the list of all the words and phrases he knows from TV shows before falling asleep. So he'll be lying in his bed and just listing things, generally going one show at a time, and to give you a feel for how it sounds, imagine the first syllables emphasized. Ex: (Wonder Pets) WUNner Pes... TUck... INney... MEEN-meen... TEEMurk... WUNner tuck ina WHAle!... and then Backyardigams and Dora. It's very cute!

Reagan: She likes to dip apple slices in ketchup. Actually she likes to dip everything in ketchup and has been known to rub it all over her arms like lotion.

Thomas: He likes to sing himself to sleep. He doesn't do it all the time, but it's fairly common. He doesn't sing actual songs. It's more like lyrical mumbling. He has done this probably as long as he has made sounds that aren't crying. Jim says the other kids are probably so used to it that it even helps THEM fall asleep!

Well, I hope you enjoyed learning all these quirky facts about me and the kids! Jim could probably entertain you with several more. He always notices quirky things! That's one of HIS quirks!


Jodie said...

No way! I didn't know you left behind the last bite, too! We are weirdos :) Why do we do that I wonder?? Oh well, thanks for playing, it was fun reading them all!

Jodie said...

oh yeah, i meant to mention earlier that kinley has recently started dipping her apples in ketchup. hmmm, is that hereditary?? :)

Tonya said...

I leave the last bite of things too. It bothers Greg.