Thursday, September 18, 2008

Jonathan Update

Jonathan went back to the dr at the end of Aug (I know, this is SO late) for another weigh-in. It had been 4 weeks since his last one. At the latest visit, he weighed 22.6lb, which was a loss of a pound and a half. It was a little disheartening; however, it was a morning visit as opposed to the previous afternoon visit, and that could have easily affected his weight. Still, the good news is that even at this lower weight he is up to 10% which is pretty normal for him. The drs are feeling better about his weight, but would still like him to gain a little more. (For previous posts check here and here)

We're working hard to up his calories every chance we get, but as I've mentioned before, he's just a picky eater. For awhile we were forcing him to eat at least one bite of foods he didn't touch, knowing that if we could get him to eat one bite, he was likely to discover it tasted good and eat some more on his own. That has ceased to work since now any bite of food forced into his mouth gets promptly spit back out. Oh, well. He eats what he eats and I try to make it as calorie-filled as possible!

He goes back for another weight check at the end of October. We're hoping he breaks 23lb!

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