Monday, September 15, 2008


Over Labor Day weekend we were privileged to house Aunt Jojo (my sister), Uncle Jeff, and Cousins Kinley and Kallen! It was a super-special visit since Kallen had never been here and it was the first trip for the rest since before Kallen was born!



Thanks, Kim, for leaving those popsicles! They sure came in handy when we discovered we only had three ice cream cones! Obviously, three would not have been enough!

We enjoyed introducing Kinley and Kallen to all the fun activities our backyard can offer, namely the the swingset, the Bounce House, and the POOL!! The pool was definitely Kallen's favorite!

Zachary enjoyed making sure Aunt Jojo didn't get to take a nap!

We sure can fill up a table!

Reagan LOVED the extra girl-time! Looking at this picture it's hard for me to believe that only a year separates Reagan and Kinley. Could Reagan possibly be THAT tall next summer?

We were sad to see them go. Here are the kids watching their car through the window. From the left: Zachary, Thomas, Jonathan, and Reagan
We had a great visit! Hopefully it was just the first of many visits that Kinley and Kallen will make to Knoxville to play with their cousins! Come back soon!


Jodie said...

aww, you've got some great pics! we had a great time and will definitely be back again. :) kinley keeps talking about "reagan and all the boys"! tell the kiddos jojo sends her love!!

Anonymous said...

Cute! I'm glad all of you had fun.

Msg to my friend, Helen N., who reads this blog. Pls e-mail me as your address has apparently changed. Thanks!