Monday, July 7, 2008

Party Time! Excellent!

And now, FINALLY, the birthday party! Here's what we did:

We swung!

Still loving the swing set!

We had seats of honor!

Jonathan, Thomas, Zachary, Reagan

We bounced!

Abby, loving the Bounce House

We slid!



We lounged in the sun!

Cris and Carter

We cuddled!

Reagan and Granny Kat

We swam!

A FULL pool!


We took pictures!

Jonathan lends me a helping hand

We smiled for the camera!



We ate!

A FULL table! (clockwise, from the top) Reagan, Thomas, David, Carter, Jonathan, Zachary, Abby, Cami

We opened presents!

Thanks, everyone!

We blew bubbles!


We learned to say Papaw!

Jonathan shows Papaw his new toy

We let them eat cake!

Aunt Jayne's cake

My cupcake-cake for the kids

We ate the candy first!

Zachary LOVES candy!

We tried to steal our brother's candy!

Give me some of yours!

We got messy!

Notice the icing smeared across his chest from where he wiped his hands!

We had a great time!

Birthday parties are AWESOME!


Misty said...

How fun!!!! I love the swing set. We have been talking of getting one for 4. I envy you the big back yard, what fun!
gggg 20months

Anonymous said...

Great post! It was worth the long wait to see the pics of the party. The kids are so, so cute & we enjoyed spending a few days with them. Happy Birthday (again), JonZReaTom!

Love, Kay-Kay

Becky said...

Great pictures! Thanks for posting those. I felt almost as if I was there.

Kilah and Brodies World! said...

o how fun!!! love your cupcake cake!!!

Andria said...

Adorable! Love the pictures!