Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Nashville Moments

Whenever we drive to Memphis, we always stop in Nashville for a break. We go to Opry Mills Mall, usually to Bass Pro Shops where we can get shopping carts to push the kids around in, and we stroll the mall to stretch our legs and enjoy some time outside of the car. It will be nice when the kids are older and time outside of the car doesn't have to be confined to a shopping cart, but at least they can move around in the cart more than they can in their car seats.

On the way TO Memphis we skipped the Bass Pro Shops and hauled out the strollers instead. We entered the mall near the Aquarium Restaurant and let the kids look at the giant fish aquarium outside before touring the mall. We did make a stop at Barnes and Noble where there was a small play area inside the children's book section. We let the kids out of the strollers to play with the train set and run around a little. They loved it! They did not love having to get back IN the strollers to leave. Zachary hated it most, and cried LOUDLY the whole way out of the store. Lucky for me, Zachary was in the stroller that Jim was pushing. Hahahahaha!

On the way home from Memphis, we did stop at BPS and hunted up some carts. We entered the store and made our way their aquarium, positioning the two shopping carts in front of the glass so the kids could get a good view of the fish. I had Jonathan and Thomas in my cart, and Jim had Zachary and Reagan. We were separated from each other by a large rock column along the side of the glass. Up from the right comes this humongous catfish, swimming past us and off to the left. As it nears Zachary, he looks at it and roars his big dinosaur/lion/any other large creature roar. Then it levels out and gets face-to-face with Reagan who takes one look at those whiskers and promptly says, "Meow!" Can you believe that! Neither of us had said anything about it being a catfish! What a smartie!

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Anonymous said...

My granddaughter knows her CATS (any kind). haha That was a very cute story.

Love, K-K