Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy Birthday, America!

We hope you all had a wonderful day celebrating this great country of ours!

Thanks Austin! These balls are great!

We celebrated the 4th by playing in the pool! Yea!

Jonathan, showing off his pool-climbing abilities

Zachary, waving to his fans

Reagan, all smiles, as usual

Thomas, trying to figure out the watering can

After swimming, we did a little swinging and took some really fast rides down the slide!

Then it was time to get back in the pool!
Later, Jim made us all dinner, hot dogs for the kids and ribs for the adults. Yum! Then, we discussed the idea of taking the kids to see the fireworks. Jim knew of a spot near one of his cell phone towers where he thought we'd be able to see them, without attempting to fight the downtown crowds and chaos. It was a tough decision. Were the kids old enough? would they enjoy it or be scared? Would it be too late for them to be up? There was also a question of weather. It looked like it might rain. We decided to keep the kids up late and see how their moods were and watch the weather. At 9:00 Jim checked the radar one last time, and we decided to give it a try. So we loaded up the kids in the pajamas into the van headed for Jim's special spot. When we got there, we had a pretty good idea that you could see the fireworks from there, judging from all the other people who were already there! we found a spot to park, set up the kids' chairs, got them each settled and began pointing out the random fireworks that were lighting up the skies around us, while we waited for the real show which we expected would start ANY SECOND!!

What fireworks? I don't see any fireworks!

A half an hour later we loaded our four whiny, annoyed, tired, crying children back in the car and went home, having STILL not seen the big fireworks show. It was very disappointing and frustrating. As it turned out, the fireworks extravaganza had been delayed an HOUR due to lightning downtown. In fact, I believe they evacuated World's Fair Park for a period of time.
Oh, well. It was a nice idea. It just didn't work out too well. Next time, we'll be better prepared!
Happy 4th of July!


Kilah and Brodies World! said...

that is a awesome pool and swing set! your yard looks super fun!!!! and yes i will get you copies of those pics! lets get them together soon!

Kilah and Brodies World! said...

what a great pool and swing set!!! you back yard looks GREAT! and yes i will get you some copies of those pics!!! your babies are sooo freaking cute! hope to se yall soon!

Kilah and Brodies World! said...

what a great pool you have! and your swing set is AWESOME!!! love all the pics the quads are just tooo cute for words! and yes i will print you copies of those pictures! hope to see you soon!

Anonymous said...

Oh well, they looked so CUTE in their chairs anyway! I like their new pool, too! I'm glad all of you had a fun 4th holiday.

Love, Kay-Kay