Sunday, March 23, 2008

Cousin Kallen

As some of you may know, but many don't, Kallen, my sister's not quite 10 months old, was recently diagnosed with hip dysplasia. Last Wed, she had surgery to correct this condition and was placed in a spical cast. For more information on this medical issue and a picture of what the cast looks like, you can click here. Kallen's cast looks like the hot pink one in the link, only hers is purple and stops at both ankles.

She is home from the hospital and doing well, but is naturally struggling to cope with her new lack of mobility. Kallen wasn't walking yet, but she was crawling and pulling up, and just as active as can be. Now she can't move her legs at all and won't be able to for about 3 months. I wanted to let all my wonderful readers know about it so you can keep her and her family in your prayers. Jodie and Jeff will need a lot of patience to help Kallen deal with the frustration she feels at not being able to get around. I'm sure she'll adjust, but it may take awhile. So please keep them in your prayers!

Here she is the special chair Daddy Bud made for her. You can just see the bottom edges of her purple cast sticking out the sides. Didn't Bud do a great job? The chair is super cool! The table part slides on and off, and Jodie painted it all pretty. They got the idea from the website of a lady who chairs like this for other kids who also have to wear a cast like Kallen's.


Bridgette Boudreaux said...

Aww, poor thing. We will remember Kallen and her parents in our prayers. Ethan is so active, I can only imagine her frustration at now not being able to get around. I'll also pray for her parents to get through this time quickly and with God's peace.

Emily said...

I'll keep her in my prayers. That is so frustrating.

BoufMom9 said...

What a little (um, I mean chunky) sweety! Love the smile!
I will add little Kallen to my prayer list on my blog & will keep her family in my thoughts.