Sunday, March 23, 2008

21 Months Old!

Well, the kids turned 21 months old a few days ago, so I thought I would give an update and share some random pictures of the kids and what they're up to these days!

First, weight updates...these are unofficial weights. We haven't been to the dr to be weighed officially. I just stood the kids up on our bathroom scale, and it's not digital, so they are just approximate weights.

Zachary--27 lbs
Reagan--26 lbs
Thomas--25 lbs

Little wispy Jonathan! I promise we feed him! He gets the same plate of food that everyone else gets, but he's picky and slow. Even when the food is something he likes, he's so slow eating it that the others have finished seconds and are ready to get down and he's still strolling through firsts. But if they are getting down, he wants down too! Oh, well! He's seems healthy, so I guess that's all that matters!

Check the link in the sidebar for updates on language development. The kids are getting quite chatty! They are always surprising us with new words they know!

We are pretty well-adjusted to not having a morning nap. Reagan doesn't fall asleep at the end of lunch anymore!

The kids have begun trying to dress themselves. They haven't quite figured out that you need to take off what you're already wearing before putting on something new. I guess they figure all clothes can go on like a jacket, layer after layer. They are constantly dragging pants out of the laundry basket to put on over the pants they are already wearing! they are also fond of putting on their own hats! (Kim and Jeanette, I'll be sure to get you copies of these pics!)

They are also gaining ground in the architectural department. Jonathan is especially good at tower-building. Thomas prefers the demolition side of construction work!

And as you can see, they are making excellent progress in learning to neatly self-feed.
I love the fact that Reagan does actually have the spoon in her mouth! And in all fairness, this meal did consist of two messy foods-ravioli and chocolate pudding. The boys did better feeding jobs than Reagan!

Happy Easter to you all! Easter pics will be coming soon! God bless you!

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