Saturday, July 21, 2007

One of THOSE Kids

So, within two hours of our arrival at my parents' house in Memphis, we discovered that Thomas is going to be one of THOSE kids. You know, the ones that crazy stuff always seems to follow. We all have those friends, or maybe it's you yourself, that always seem to be involved in the craziest of things, things that would never happen to other people. They tell you about something they did or something that happened to them, and you secretly shake your head and think, "Only you would have done that" or "That would only happen to you!" Well, that's our Thomas!

We had only been there a little while, when suddenly we hear ca-lunk, ca-lunk, ca-lunk. That would be the sound of Thomas falling down the stairs! He landed sitting up on the floor, and kind of looked around like, "What just happened?!?" before bursting into tears and being snatched up by Jim in a panic, terrified that Thomas had broken his neck and would be permanently paralyzed. He was fine. He only fell down a few stairs, and they were carpeted. Needless to say, we put the gate up after that.

Now barred from more stairway adventures, Thomas, recovered from his fall and finally released by his daddy, went in search of new treasures. He soon discovered that Daddy Bud and KayKay's house is the best place in the whole world! They leave food just sitting around on the floor so you can eat anytime you're hungry! That would be when we found Thomas stuffing his face with cat food. And not the dry kind. Ick. So I hauled him off to the sink and rinsed him off and we had to keep the cat food out of reach after that.

Two hours, folks. We'd been there two hours.

Who, me?


Anonymous said...

Actually, I think this happened in the first 30 minutes or so!


Suzanne said...

oh my GOSH! i guess with four, we are BOUND to have at least ONE of these, eh? keeps you on your toes!

K&BMiles said...

hahahah! i have one of those too! the twins enjoys the quads in nursery today! is the link to our blog!
amanda miles

Anonymous said...

Well Ali, you know he is named partially for my Daddy. Think about it. Could be genetic. I have those same genes too. Love to you and Jim and my GrandQuads

Anonymous said...

Allison, your forgot one. On the same day, he fell off the couch, hit his chin on Jonathan's head a bit a chunk of his tongue out! Poor fella'


Anonymous said...

I was telling Great Granny Kat about Thomas and his "adventures" and she said I was one of those babies too. I TOLD you it could be genetic!

Becky said...

just wrap him up in padded clothing and a helmet until he turns 18. Then, he's on his own.

Anonymous said...

I demand a new post of Jax, Wax, Max, and Frax! -Stephanie