Monday, July 30, 2007

Kallen Kaye

Here is a post just for my new niece! She was born July 2 and we got to see a good bit of her while we were in Memphis. I'm so glad we were able to time our trip with her birth. It would have made me terribly sad not to get to see her when she was brand new!

Kallen, so beautiful!

Kinley meets her new little sister

The happy family-Jeff, Jodie, Kinley, and Kallen

The sweetest story: Jodie tells this story better, but I'll do my best. Kinley has a stuffed cat that she treasures (Of course she treasures it! It was a gift from me!) It is her constant companion. She also has a similar smaller version of her kitty, that she didn't treasure in the same way. Nevertheless, at one point, when Kallen was crying, Kinlye went and got the smaller kitty and gave it to Kallen and told her it would be okay. She recognized that Kallen was upset, so obviously she needed a kitty of her own. So, above is a picture of Kallen and the kitty her sister gave her. What a sweet sister!

Sweet sisters! (This adorable picture was taken by Jeff's sister Julie, owner of 1:17 Photography in Memphis. Isn't it great!)

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Becky said...

wow- information overload and i love it!!!! great pics!!!! glad to see evan, finally after you teased me it was coming looooong ago!
love you!