Thursday, April 12, 2007

Easter Weather, but not on Easter!

Here are some pictures Michelle took of the kids in the flowerbeds a couple of weeks ago, before it got too cold to go outside and the frost killed all my flowers.

This picture was snapped half a second before Jonathan began crawling away...again. The child refuses to sit still ever these days.

The only person able to distract the kids and get them to smile, instead of try to eat the flowers, was David. That is who Zachary is smiling at. He wasn't around for Jonathan's pictures.

David works his magic again, although getting Reagan to sit still and smile for the camera is not nearly as difficult as it is with the boys.

All Thomas really wanted to do was eat the mulch. Here he is distracted from his tasty meal by David, who is jumping around on the other side of the window facing the porch. This was not nearly as effective at getting smiles as actually jumping around on the porch itself.

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