Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Blog Thief

That's right, I am a blog thief. That means I read other people's blogs and copy things they do. Not that everything I say isn't true! It is! But if the McNulty quads are doing something interesting and my kids do it too, then I'm likely to write about it on my blog too. Or if Suzanne just found out that she is having three boys and a girl and is having trouble particularly with choosing a name for that last boy, just like we did, then I'm likely to write about where my kids' names came from. Which I did. Or if Becky has a particularly interesting blog element, like a list of the other blogs that she reads, then I'm likely to add a similar list to mine. Which I did. Thanks Becky, for the idea! Telling you what book I'm currently reading I got from Becky too. Actually, having a blog at all I got from Becky! It's a good thing Becky is around!

Now, Tooth Totals...that was all me!


Becky said...

It's nice to be appreciated.

Maybe I'll steal your tooth total idea once Lucas starts getting teeth. Ah hah ha ha ha ha ha (evil laughter.)

Bridgette Boudreaux said...

I'm going to steal several of these ideas!!