Sunday, February 4, 2007

The Sixth Month

This month began with Thanksgiving! Daddy Bud, KayKay, Aunt Jodie, Uncle Jeff, and Cousin Kinley all came to visit for the holiday, and we had a great time! Bradley joined us for Thanksgiving dinner, which was a special treat. After dinner we got all dressed up and went to the park for a big family photo shoot. My parents used one of the pictures from this shoot on their Christmas card. Here are a couple of the pics we took:

Our wonderful friends Frank and Stephanie and their son Knox came over on the 25th and kept the kids for a few hours, giving Jim and me the chance to get out and do some Christmas shopping. Here are Stephanie and Frank at an earlier visit:

The first weekend in Dec. we had several visitors. First Great-aunt Nancy and Great-uncle George came over from Memphis to see the babies. We had a great visit with them! Jim's cousin josh also came to see us that weekend with his friend Erin. It was so nice to see Josh and to meet Erin!

George and Nancy with Thomas, Reagan, Jonathan, and Zachary

Josh and Erin with Zachary

On Dec.6 we had RSV shots again. At this visit Zachary weighed 16lb 7oz, Reagan weighed 16lb 1oz, Jonathan weighed 15lb 3oz, and Thomas weighed 12lb 9oz.

Dec.9 was a big day for me and Jim! Kim and Gwen, two of the wonderful ladies from church, came over and kept the kids all day! Jim and I got to eat lunch together, go shopping, go see a movie, AND go out to dinner! It was great! Thank you so much, Kim and Gwen!

On the 14th, we all loaded up in the van and took the kids to their first party! The English department from my school had a Christmas party at Frank and Stephanie's new house, and we were all invited. In fact, I was told we couldn't come unless we brought the babies! We had a blast, and the babies were so good all night! It was great to see everyone!

B.A. with Thomas

Angie with Jonathan

Kathy and Neil with Reagan

Jim with Zachary

The next day we had an appointment to take the kids to the High Risk Clinic for a developmental checkup. It was kind of a strange experience because the kids were being evaluated according to the developmental milestones of their adjusted age, that is the age they would have been if they had been born on their due date instead of early. So the doctors kept talking about how advanced they were because they were doing things most babies don't do at 4 months. Well, that's because they aren't 4 months! They almost 6! Of course, I understand that a lot of babies who are born early do progress more along the lines of their adjusted age, but ours are so normal that it was just weird. So when the head doctor said she wanted them back in six months at which time she hoped they would all be sitting up and maybe crawling, I was thinking in my head that some of them better be walking by that time! My friend Michelle said she hoped all four of them walked themselves into the office and said, "Hello!" That would be great!

Dec 20 the kids turned six months old! Michelle took pictures, but I don't have them back yet, so you'll just have to wait! Sorry!

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