Saturday, August 3, 2013

News, Love, Snow, and a Friend—January 2013

The cub scouts went on an outing to a TV news station.  It was a trip that Jim worked hard to set up, only to be set out-of-town for training, so he didn’t even get to go!  It was pretty cool to tour the studio and watch the filming of an actual news broadcast.  All the kids had to sit very still and very quiet for the whole taping.  They did a FANTASTIC job.  I was impressed (and surprised! The boys’ troop is pretty big and rarely quiet!)


We even got to wave at the camera as the show closed.  Pretty cool!

While Dad was gone, we tried to send him a picture or video each night before going to bed.  Here’s one of them.


It snowed a little that month too.  Everyone EXCEPT ZACHARY went out to play in it.


We also had the pleasure of having our friend (and pediatrician) Miss Molly and her daughter Bella over one night for dinner.


All in all, it was a pretty good way to start the new year!

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