Saturday, January 5, 2013

Party Time!

January 2013.  Happy New Year everyone!  In honor of the holiday season, I thought I’d post ABOUT THE KIDS’ BIRTHDAY PARTY LAST SUMMER!  Good grief!  Oh, well.  mayb it will help keep us warm on this cold winter’s day to remember how hot it was last June!
We had our first pay-someone-else-to-handle-everything party this time, since we were living in an apartment and there was no way we were having the party there!  We decided to have the party at the zoo, and we HIGHLY recommend it!DSC_0003
It was really hot that day, but the party cabin was air-conditioned!  The zoo helpers talked to the kids about animals and passed around animal skins and things.  The kids LOVED it!  You can pay extra to have real animals at the party, but we didn’t.  Nobody minded!  They were too bust petting zebra fur and elephant tail hairs and playing animal charades!
Then we opened presents and ate cake and ice cream!
And I didn’t have to clean any of it up! 
Despite the look on Carter’s face, everyone had a great time!  Even our special guests, Jonathan and Heather and little Samantha, the lucky people who bought our old house!  (Sorry, I didn’t get a good picture of them)  Plus the party came with admission to the zoo for everyone that attended, including the adults! It was great!
The brand new water park was especially great!
Happy 6th birthday JonZReaTom!

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