Thursday, January 17, 2013

Independence in Memphis

Well, I wrote this post on Christmas break, but couldn’t get it to post to the blog.  Let’s try again!

We’ve just returned from our Christmas trip to Memphis, so might as well post about our summer trip to Memphis, right?

We were there for Kallen’s birthday and the 4th of July and had such a great time!DSC_0002DSC_0003DSC_0005DSC_0007


The birthday/4th of July party was quite an extravaganza!  They even had a snowcone machine!

As usual, the evening’s fireworks display was a source of displeasure for most of my children.  I wonder how old they’ll be before they finally get over their fear of fireworks?  Jonathan loved it, but the others did not. They started out in my lap, then we moved farther back in the driveway, and eventually they went inside and watched from the window!



Cousin John even came out and did a magic show for the kids!  He was a little out of practice, but it was almost as good as I remember from my own childhood!


Slip ‘n Slide Time!!!




Summer visits to Memphis are always so much fun!  Hot, but fun!  Thanks Bud and KayKay!  We love you!

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Anonymous said...

We had fun, too! Come back soon!

Love, Mom