Saturday, January 22, 2011

Must Finish Christmas before February!

aka Christmas Eve!
On the day of Christmas Eve, we took a trip to Jasper to visit some of Jim’s relatives.  It was our first trip back since the Severe Cat Allergy Discovery of Aught Nine!  We did some pre-trip medicating and kept and eye on him, and this time there were no issues!  Hopefully that means it won’t be over a year before we make it back again!
The kids opened presents, and we had a delicious meal!  Of course, they kids’ favorite part of the meal was the appetizer course when Aunt Kathy gave them all the grapes and crackers they wanted!
We even got to play outside for a little bit!
Thank you Granny Kat, Gammy, and Aunt Kathy for hosting us so fantastically!  We had a great time!  Love you all!
After the visit it was time to head home and get ready for Santa to come!
Since we were gone all day, we weren’t able to make cookies for Santa, but luckily I attended a cookie swap prior so we were able to provide Santa with a variety of homemade goodness…probably much more than Santa really needed!
The kids were so excited they could barely be still for the picture, especially Thomas, as you can see!  At least in this shot he hasn’t jumped completely out of the frame!
Despite their excitement, the kids went to sleep really fast.  They knew Santa wouldn’t come until they did!  Yea!

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