Monday, November 8, 2010

Cousins, Take One

The weekend after the backyard camping trip, Uncle Clay and Co. came to visit. It was a BUSY weekend, but we had so much fun!

Saturday night we all went to the Kerbela Shrine Circus. It was JonZReaTom’s first circus! They loved it! And so did their Cousin Tyler! (Cousin Avery was another matter entirely. Poor thing, she was SO tired!)

Sunday afternoon we hit a couple of pumpkin patches. First we went to The Fruit and Berry Patch, a JonZReaTom tradition. It felt a little weird to be there without Michelle, David, and Abby, but it was pretty nice to get to go with Daddy!

DSC_0572 Daddy and the kiddos headed to the corn maze.

Reagan is REALLY excited to be there!

DSC_0576 Jonathan, Thomas, Reagan, Zachary, Avery, Tyler—at the beginning of the corn maze

The corn maze is always my favorite part. David was always leader before, but this time the kids took turns choosing which paths to take through the maze…that is until the adults got tired of walking around in circles, and then Uncle Clay led!

We lucked out when we came out of the maze and were able to hitch a ride on the tractor.

DSC_0586 Daddy with Thomas and Jonathan

DSC_0587 Reagan

DSC_0591 Avery and Tyler

DSC_0593 Zachary (and you can just barely see Aunt Carey behind him)

Unfortunately, the actual pumpkin patch was kind of sad this year. So on our way home we stopped at the “pumpkin patch” at the Methodist Church across the street from our neighborhood.

DSC_0610Reagan LOVED this bumpy pumpkin!


DSC_0624 Jonathan, Reagan, Zachary, Avery, Thomas, Tyler

And we still found time to just play, play, play in the backyard!


I love this picture!

DSC_0650 Avery

DSC_0664 Tyler

DSC_0665 I love this one too!

It was a packed weekend, but we loved every minute of it! Love you guys!

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