Thursday, September 10, 2009

Memphis Trip, Finally!

Our trip to Memphis was a quick one. We left Friday morning and arrived in Memphis that afternoon. The kids were great in the car! Easily our best trip yet, especially since no one threw up!

Our reason for going to Memphis was so that I could go to the Sycamore View Children’s Clothing Sale, a consignment sale that Bud and KayKay’s church holds twice a year. It was great! I love consignment sales!

After shopping we all (Bud, KayKay, our family, and Jodie's family) went to The Big Back Yard exhibit at the Memphis Botanical Gardens, as I mentioned in a previous post. Here’s a shot of the music house. There were several other little houses all in a row for kids to play in too and one big two-story playhouse that we didn’t go in.


Across from the line of little houses was this stage with room to dance and instruments to play.


There were also lots of objects to climb on and through, like these giant earthworms…


…and their worm tunnels!


There was a really nice picnic area beside a giant rope spider web and a small maze for exploring. Another area had all these wooden objects to play with: blocks, a balance beam, a puppet theater, etc.


There was even a water feature; every so often it would thunder and then start “raining” and the kids could run around and get wet, although mine didn’t seem to want to. They claimed they needed bathing suits!

It was great fun for us all! It was also really well-shaded which was an extra bonus! I highly recommend going if you’re in the Memphis area!

Saturday night we went to the cousin’s house. The motorized vehicles were again a big hit, especially with the boys, but the kids still weren’t real great at steering. Mostly an adult had to walk along beside the cars and constantly turn the steering wheels so they didn’t run into people or off into the street.



Even Bud was busy, helping Thomas try out a real bicycle!


Kinley had a short chance to show off her new soccer skills before one of her cousins ran off with the ball. Below, Kallen demonstrates her goalie growl, sure to scare off the whole opposing team when she’s old enough to play!


And Daddy wore himself out giving the kids airplane rides! Wheeee!


Then it was time for popsicles and home to bed. Here, a mostly decent shot of all the cousins:


Jonathan, Thomas, Reagan, Zachary, Kallen, Kinley

On Sunday we went to church, out to eat, and then it was time to hit the road and head for home! It was a busy, quick trip, but packed with fun! In fact, the kids are still talking about it. Nearly every day one of them asks when we are going back to Bud and KayKay’s house. What’s the biggest draw? Big beds! Oddly, it seems to be what sticks in their mind the most, the fact that they got to sleep in big beds! (That is, twin beds! When your normal bed is a toddler one, even a twin seems huge!)

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Anonymous said...

You mean the big "trampolines"? ha! I'm glad the kids had fun. Bud & I did, too. And thanks JonZReaTom for the cute bd card you made. I love it & your picture & YOU!