Sunday, September 6, 2009

Look, Mom! I Got Cheese!

You know how on the Charlie Brown Halloween special all the kids go trick-or-treating and each time they leave a house they stop for a moment to look in their treat bags and announce what they got? Well, that’s how my kids are with bags of groceries…only no one gets a rock!

They LOVE to help bring in the groceries! They come hurrying into the kitchen with their bags wide open so they can see what’s in there and make an excited announcement to me of the contents of each bag!

Momma! Look! Apples! Crackers! Pizza! Waffles!

It doesn’t matter what’s in the bag. All items are equally exciting at this point. It’s even exciting when the bag contains something unidentifiable.

Momma! What is it?!?

Maybe this year I’ll skip costumes altogether, and we’ll just take the kids grocery shopping for Halloween!

Yeah, right!

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Anonymous said...

What a funny post! That's one for the memory book.