Sunday, May 31, 2009

More Catching Up

Okay, I know, it's been awhile...again! As always, I'm sorry, but at least this time it isn't because I have been sick. Well, actually, I was a little sick, but that's for later. Mostly, I was very busy getting ready for the kids' first trip to the BEACH!!! And then I was very busy being at the beach! But now we're home, and as I sort through the beach pictures, I'll do a little (or a lot) more catching up on all the blogging I didn't do before our big trip!

Well, now that I've looked at the catching up that needs to be done, it turns out there isn't that much to say, just a bunch of pictures! Which is what you really want anyway, right? So, first, Jim and I had some fun taking group shots of the kids, trying to get a good one. It's nearly impossible to get all four of the kiddos to all look at the camera at the same time while also smiling! The purpose of these group shots was admittedly a photo contest. The Multiples and More blog (see sidebar for link) was having a cutest multiples contest, and I knew I was a shoe-in to win if I could just get a shot of all four faces! So here are a few of the pics we took:

And here is the one that I actually sent in:

Sadly, not only did we not win, but we didn't even make the semifinals! Come on! Are the judges blind?

What? I'm not bitter!

The kids were nice enough to tolerate another photo shoot on Mother's day, although the smiles weren't as good! They were much happier later in the day when Jim and I took them to the park to play...

Reagan, Thomas, Zachary, and Jonathan

The last big thing we did before hitting the road for vacation was watch Daddy play bass in a mini concert with his friends. Here they are with their play guitars, watching from the sidelines.

Jim and his friends were the opening act for a rock band-themed Senior banquet at another band member's church. It was fun to see Jim play again. He hasn't played much since the babies came along. Actually, he hasn't played much since he found out they were coming! It was certainly a treat for the kids! They loved it, although I think they were a little overwhelmed by all the flashing lights and loud music. Still, it was terribly cute when Jonathan yelled out after the first song, "Good job, Daddy!"
And that pretty much brings us to the beach trip! So you can expect beach pics in the next post! And HOPEFULLY that post will come really soon!


Anonymous said...

I cast MY vote for JONZReaTom!


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Love the wheelbarrow shot!