Friday, May 15, 2009

Catching Up

As time permits, this may be a marathon post of snippets, pictures, and who knows what! I'm sitting here with no idea of what is going to end up in this post. Oh, well! Enjoy!

First, here's an update on me...I've felt basically fine for about a week now. Yea! I had the HIDA scan Tuesday morning which revealed that my gall bladder seems to be perfectly fine. So the best guess now is that I had/have an ulcer that is being healed by the Nexium, and that's why I feel better. If the pain returns, we'll schedule an endoscopy, but as long as I continue to feel okay, no more tests or dr visits.

The HIDA scan was an interesting test. You lay on your back for an hour and a half with what looks like a tire-sized bullseye pointed at your abdomen to take pictures of your insides and track the progress of radioactive dye through your gall bladder. I kept falling asleep because it was so boring, and I'm pretty sure my own snoring woke me up more than once. After the scan I was radioactive for 24 hours. That's right, radioactive! I wasn't allowed to hold the kids or use the same bathroom as them, and I glowed in the dark.

Okay, I didn't really glow in the dark.

Enough about you, Mom! Isn't this blog supposed to be about us!

Okay, okay! Enough about me! Here are a bunch of pictures of the kids and a few stories to go with them.
Jim's birthday happened to fall on a day that I was out of the house and the kids stayed home with some wonderful and very brave ladies from church. The fun activity of the day? Finger painting! The kids had never painted before, but they evidently loved it and were so proud of the beautiful piece of art they made their daddy for his birthday.

Note: Dramatic re-enactment for photographic purposes. No wet paint was used in the making of this picture.

Vader's a scruffy-looking nerf herder!
The kids are introduced to the Dark Side

Zachary's recent adorable/annoying saying: In answer to a request, such as, "Zachary, would you take your dump truck and put it back in the playroom, please?" Zachary now likes to say "No, no, no" very seriously while wagging his finger back and forth. We're not exactly sure where he got it from. It's really cute except for the not-doing-what-he's-asked part.

When I was sick, I was constantly having to tell the kids they couldn't climb on me because Mommy's tummy hurt. Thomas and Reagan started coming up to me daily to ask with looks of such high anticipation, "Now I can climb on you?" Now that I'm better, they still ask, and get so excited when I say yes!

Reagan is doing great with her potty training! We keep her little potty seat on top of the big potty, and if she's in the right mood, she can climb up and sit on the potty all by herself, pull down her own pants, get her own paper, wipe herself, pull up her pants, and flush the potty. She'd probably wash her own hands if she could reach the faucet handle! If she's not in the right mood, she's claims she's can't do those things because they are too hard, but then when you try to help her she screams that she wants to do it herself! Oh, well. We actually left the house and went to a friend's to play today without trading the undies for a Pull-up beforehand. No accidents! I'm so proud of her! She's so big! I teared up a little today thinking about how big the kids are getting! I just can't believe they'll be three next month. It won't be long before there will be no more diapers in our house. No diapers! It hardly seems possible!

Recently, we've also enjoyed a few get-togethers with our good friends Josh and Cris. It's always fun to spend time with them because their oldest is just 3 months older than JonZReaTom. On one of their visits, probably the only one when it didn't rain, the boys had a trike race...

On your mark, get set, GO!!!

And the winner is...Carter!
They were so adorable! And they had such fun! The boys are getting really good at riding their tricycles. Reagan isn't so much. She just doesn't seem interested. But I'd say this summer, there will be more times when we take them out front to let them ride in our little cul-de-sac, a much larger space than the back patio. I imagine she'll get jealous pretty quick of the boys taking off and leaving her, and that may be all the incentive she needs to figure that whole pedalling/steering thing out!
Well, it's getting late. I have more pictures to share and more stories to tell, but they'll have to wait for another post. I hope you enjoyed this one! Have a great weekend everyone!


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the post! And I'm glad to see that your computer is working again.


The Perkins Girls said...

Too cute! I love the big piece of paper. We're gonna have to try that here... They're so big! Tell Reagan Jojo's proud!!!

Lani said...

great pictures!

Anonymous said...

In the interest of true reporting: they started out with paintbrushes; we certainly weren't brave enough to attempt fingerpainting - it just ended out that way! Loads of fun.