Monday, February 9, 2009

The Weirdness of Weather

Last Monday

It snowed and snowed, more snow than I've seen here in Knoxville in years! I know, I know, it hardly compares to the snowfall some of the rest of you get every year, but for us this was a pretty decent snow!

Zachary, Reagan, Thomas, and Jonathan with their very first snowman! He's just their size! We followed this snowy first with their first ever hot chocolate! Well, warm chocolate anyway! The verdict: Reagan and Thomas drained their cups. Jonathan and Zachary did not. Jonathan not drinking his was no surprise. It was chocolate after all. There might have been some calories in there. Zachary was a surprise though. I think he refused it on principle when I handed him a sippy cup of hot chocolate instead of a mug like he was expecting. Sorry, buddy, toddlers and hot liquids do not go together in this house!

So that was last Monday. It snowed. We built a snowman. It was so cold the rest of the week that our snowman stuck around until Friday.

But today? One Monday later? 72 degrees! That's right, people! 72 degrees in February! We went outside without jackets. I opened the windows. I turned the fans on because it got HOT inside.


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Judah and Michelle said...

I particularly like the concept that Zachary refused hot chocolate on principle, which I found myself nodding in agreement to, thinking "I could see that." I love thier standing on principles - especially since I only have to watch. - M