Friday, February 6, 2009

Building Trains

When is a toy car not just a car? When it is strung together with a bunch of other cars to make a train! This has become a pretty typical sight here at our house, as you can see!

Jonathan likes to string together all the smaller cars and trucks to make his trains.

Zachary prefers to use the big ones!

And in case you missed this story in a comment to an earlier post...One day my wonderful friends Kim and Jeanette from church were here at the house watching the kids while I got out for awhile. Zachary and Jonathan constructed a train similar to the above and assumed their seats. Zachary got up to go get something and while he was gone, Thomas got his seat on the train. Naturally, when Zachary returned a minute later, he was upset to find that Thomas had taken his spot on the train. He started crying/whining/screaming. Kim calmed him down and explained to him that Thomas thought Zachary was done, and if he just waited a little bit, Thomas would get up, and Zachary could have his seat back. So Zachary ran over and stood next to Thomas and stared at him for about 2 seconds, then turned to Kim and said, "It's not working!"


Anonymous said...

My Dad would have been tickled to know that the Quads love trains, since he worked on the railroad most of his life.

Molly said...

Ah, my mom... using those logical explanations at such an early age... probably made me what I am today. Sometimes I still wonder why "It's not working!!!" with some people :)

Anonymous said...

Another note on the train building. One day I watched Jonathan in a quiet corner building a train by lining up little blocks end to end. The whole time, he was chanting, "Don't touch my train. Don't touch my train." No one was anywhere close enough to hear him!