Friday, November 7, 2008

Some Thoughts on Sewing

This was the third year that I have made the kids' costumes for Halloween. I can thank my friend Michelle for starting this tradition when she sugested we make the kids' candy corn costumes for their first Halloween.

The kids may have hated the hats, but these costumes were really easy to make. Nice straight lines. Velcro shoulder straps. All four just the same. Michelle's sewing skills to guide me. Easy peasy!

Last year was a little more ambitious. My sister lent me Kinley's ladybug costume for Reagan, and Michlle conveniently had a bumblebee costume from her own children, so I decided to make two more bumblebee costumes, using Michelle's as a guide. I just guessed at how to accomplish this task, since I had no pattern and wouldn't have known what to do with one if I DID have it having never sewn an article of clothing in my life. However, at least the two costumes were the same shape, so what I learned by making one could be applied to the other. And I was pretty proud of the results. From a distance at least, they look just as good as the store-bought one!

And this year I decided the kids would be pirates. Those costumes shouldn't be too hard right? No zippers. Baggy clothes. No problem! Well, no problem for someone who knows what they're doing! The costumes were difficult in and of themselves, but none of them were the same, so what I learned from making one didn't necessarily help me in making the next one! One jacket, two vests, a pair of pants, a skirt, and one belt. I'm proud of the results, given my level of sewing training, but I can't help but think how much better they'd be if I had actually known what I was doing!

My mom knows how to sew. She tried to teach me at least once, but I had no interest in it then. I regret it now because a little basic knowledge could really help me out every October! But how was I to know at the age of 10 (or whatever I was then) that I would someday have a need to make 4 Halloween costumes every year! Oh, well. I guess I'll just continue to muddle through, and maybe next year I'll pick something ghosts. Four white sheets and eight eye holes, done!


Judah and Michelle said...

If you can get Zachary to wear a SHEET over his head I say go for it!

The Perkins Girls said...

ha! that would be easy... it's funny you posted on this b/c i just finished making my first pair (well, 2 pairs) of pants. i kept thinking about how grateful i was that mom had at least attempted to introduce sewing to me... and how unfortunate it was that i didn't really pay attention at the time. AND it's b/c of michelle that i care now-- she forced me to make that quilt... and look at me now. ha! i did make the pants (successfully, i might add) without a pattern. hmm, we must be sisters or something! :)

Anonymous said...

Or MAYBE I could give you some quick lessons & you might be more receptive now. :) Wish I could have been there to help, but the costumes look really cute in the pics. You did a good job anyway!

Love, Mom

Emily said...

I think they look great!! Such cute little pirates!

Anonymous said...

You are doing great!! Just keep sewing while the seams are so short. You will get better at each attempt, and the better you get, the more you will like it. Call me anytime for backup. Kim