Thursday, November 20, 2008

More Cute Words

Okay, I meant to post about the entertaining games my kids play, but they are currently playing the not-so-entertaining Scream at Mom through the Door of Our Room because We Are No Longer Napping Game. So I've deleted everything I had already written because I can't concentrate on it well enough and will do this instead. It's much shorter and I'm determined to post SOMETHING today!

Scream? Who? Us? Never!

Jonathan, Thomas, Zachary, and Reagan, looking deceptively innocent

Here are a few more words and phrases that the kids say and I find adorable:

Zachary: dume cuck (dump truck) and gic-cume (vacuum)

Reagan: bunnits (buttons) and geeps (grapes), especially when used in the following sentence:

Oh, I yuv geeps! (Oh, I love grapes!) It's just too cute the way she says it!

And finally, all the kids call M&M's simply M's. So adorable! I don't know why!

And while I'm talking about language, let me say that sometimes it's really hard not to repeat their mispronunciations. I want to call Zachary Ya Ya, like Regan does. I want to tell them I'm going to get the gic-cume out of the closet. I REALLY have a hard time not calling my friend Michelle by the name Chelle because that is what they ALL call her. I guess to an extent some of that is okay, as long as Reagan doesn't start junior high wanting geeps in her lunchbox!


Anonymous said...

YOu didn't mention my personal favorite: "Kees", as in (quoting Thomas) "Oh, Hi Kees!"
Kim AKA Kees

Anonymous said...

Oh go ahead with those cute words! I learned to say "wah-wee" (water) from Kinley & still say it. Now she corrects me & says, "Not wah-wee, it's WATER." She also initially called Kallen "Kallie." I thought it was cute & started saying "Kallie." One day Kinley corrected me & said, "Her name is KALLEN." And this was from a two-year-old (at the time). ha ha!! Have fun with it bc the baby words are just too, too cute!

Love, Mom