Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Handprints, Lowe's and Video

Father's Day was not our typical Sunday. Of course, it shouldn't have been because it was, well, Father's Day, and therefore special, but aside from that it was different because the kids are sickly. So we didn't go to church like we normally would. The kids aren't bad sick, but Reagan has had pink eye and the boys are passing around a mild fever so we thought it best to not go spread our potential contagion to our church friends. I'm sure they're grateful!

To start the day off, I made Jim coffee and set out the present the kids and I had made for him.

"Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord..." Psalm 127:3

I really hoped he liked it because it had been a near-nightmare to make! I had mixed up the blue paint first, which immediately set Reagan off because she wanted to be first, so she got more and more upset every time a picked another boy instead of her. I had a step stool pulled up to the kitchen counter and everyone wanted to be on it at the same time. If one child had already had his turn he was still right there trying to climb back up. So I did Thomas' hand, then Jonathan's hand, and then it was Zachary's turn. I had managed to tempt T and J into the living room by turning on the TV. Reagan is wailing by now and keeps pleading "Next! Next!" with the tears streaming down her face. Zachary was delighted to get up on the stool, but once he realized that he had to get something gooey on his hand he was done. He doesn't like gooey, messy, slimy hands. It's a constant problem during mealtimes! So now he's screaming to get down and Reagan's screaming to get up and I can't get either of them to calm down and I can't just have three handprints on my picture, so I end up forcing Zachary to put his hand in the paint and then on the picture and let me tell you it took everything I had because that boy is strong and he finally started to calm down when I washed the paint off his hand. Then I set him in front of the TV and he was fine. Thank goodness! And Reagan stopped crying immediately when it was finally her turn!

So I was really glad to see the joyous look on Jim's face when he saw his present. That made it all worth it!

And since the kids were sick and we didn't go to church , we were able to give him a present of one of his favorite things...a full day to work outside! He's always got a project going on out there! Currently he's working on a swingset for the kids for their birthday and sealing the fence to help maintain that pretty new-fence color.

So he got to work, but later in the morning he invited us all to go with hij to Lowe's. Yea! An outing! The kids were too potentially contagious to be at church where they would touch things that other kids would also touch, but not too sick to go to Lowe's where they would only touch our own choo-choo wagon. That's right! We took them in the choo-choo wagon! It was great! They loved it! We certainly got a lot more attention with the wagon than we would have with strollers or even with the kids in shopping carts. But that was okay! It was fun! And I think jim enjoyed showing off his beautiful children on Father's Day!

I helped Jim with the fence during naptime, and he got the kids up from their nap and played with them while also watching his favorite Dale Jr. win the Nascar race! Yea!

Later Jim and I enjoyed a lovely dinner out side after the kids went to bed.

It was a good day!

Now for the video...I took this video trying to get on tape Thomas saying everyone's names because it's so cute, but he's a little hard to hear. But I'm including it today because I want you to see how Zachary gets upset at the end when we mention Daddy and remind him that Daddy just left to go to the grocery store.


Becky said...

Your kids are getting so big!
The plate is gorgeous. I made one last year on Mother's Day and it is hard to get those hand prints looking so clear. Good job! Of course, my plate is now broken...sob! It's a long, sad story.
Love you!

Heather said...

Love those handprints! You made them into such cute flowers. Was so laughing when you asked "Who went to the grocery store?" and one of the kids replied "Cheese!" tehehe. . . they sure are used to the camera, aren't they?

Anonymous said...

Too cute! I'm glad Jim got a special FD gift & had a good day.

Love, Mom

Jodie said...

awww, how cute! and i am very impressed with the paint handprints, but i can only imagine how challenging it was! hope everybody's feeling better.

Candace said...

I love that video. He gets upset over daddy like my son does when his daddy leaves or is not home.
They are so adorable

Bridgette Boudreaux said...

That is so cute (the hand prints and the names)! Ethan also made a hand print, but I went to the mall to get it done. The guy that helped me out was really nice and I know I wouldn't have been able to hold Ethan and get him to open his hand all by myself.

Andria said...

Yes, where else would a proud father show off his precious babes to other handy men?? How cute!

I hope they get over their illnesses soon. Poor things.

Love the hand picture. Hilarious story with it. Wow.. I'm glad it came out too, I can't imagine if you had to re-do it because of someone's "smear". LOL.