Tuesday, June 24, 2008


The weekend after Uncle Clay came to visit, Gammy (the grandmother formerly known as Grammy Pammy) came to visit. Gammy is what the kids seem to be calling her, and I think it's pretty cute!

Hey, Gammy, have you tried this creamer? Pretty tasty!
It's empty, of course!

Reading Zachary a story

A little Gammy-cuddle time with Jonathan


In honor of Gammy's visit, we blew up the pool for the summer's first pool party! Luckily, it didn't leak, and Zachary was much happier to be in it than last year! Last year we had to hold him while he cried and cried!



More Zachary

Reagan is having a good time here, but please notice the giant elephant in the background. He makes a fun tunnel to slide through, normally. But today was a little windy, and inevitably, every time the wind blew enough to bend the elephant over, Reagan would be standing just right for the trunk to come down and poke her in the top of the head. She was none too pleased, so eventually Daddy came to his daughter's rescue and removed the elephant from the pool. However, for the boys, this was just an invitation to go elephant-hunting and take down their first wild beast!

Jonathan, you hold his feet while Zachary kicks him in the head!
He won't mess with OUR sister again!

Alright, boys, let's show this beast the door!

Reagan watches from afar

Thomas has him by the nose

Do you think he's learned his lesson yet?

Thanks for a big fun day, Gammy!

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