Wednesday, May 7, 2008


So, Easter was a while ago, I realize that. I kept meaning to have an Easter egg hunt with the kids and post those pictures with the few random ones we took on Easter, but it was cold and then it was rainy and well, then I packed up all the Easter stuff, and Easter got passed over by the blog.

However, these pics are pretty cute of the kids hugging each other, so I thought I'd post them after all!

Thomas hugging Reagan

It may look like he's about to shove her across the room, but Zachary really is hugging Reagan!

Hugs from Jonathan too!

Reagan wasn't the only one to get some love!
Since that time, they have gotten better at hugging without looking so scared at the same time! They have also recently added kisses to their list of skills, as well as begun giving out hugs and kisses without being prompted first. What a precious joy when your child comes running to you arms wide open and full of hugs and kisses!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, these are just TOO sweet! Wish I could have a hug, too!

Love, Kay-Kay