Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

I sincerely hope that all you moms out there had a wonderful wonderful Mother's Day! What a blessing it is to be a mom! Whether you've got one child or several, biological or adopted, boys or girls, one at a time or all at once, you know how special and rewarding it is to be a mom! Every child is a challenge at times and will go through phases that make you want to tear your hair out, but then they can turn around and do something that just melts your heart! And you know that no matter what they do, you'll always love them in your own special mom way!

I love being a mom to my four beautiful children! I love their sweet faces, their hugs and kisses. I love it when they come running to me when they are hurt. I love it when Zachary points at me and yells, "Momma!!!!" I love to hear Reagan bouncing in her bed saying over and over, "Momma, momma, momma." I love how Thomas wants to name everything that's mine, "Momma shoe? Momma cup? Momma keys?" I love it when Jonathan runs to me crying and clings to my neck like his life depends on it when someone takes his toy.

I love being a mom, even when Thomas dumps hos plate on the floor that I just mopped, even when Zachary is screaming impatiently for the cup of milk even though I'm standing right in front of him making it, even when Jonathan takes his diaper off during naptime and throws it into Zachary's bed, even when Reagan snatches Jonathan's toys just to make him cry. Despite the screaming and crying and messiness and snatching and tantrums. Even when I'm so mad and frustrated that I want to scream myself, deep down, I love being a mom! I may not always act like it, but I truly do love being a mom!

Here are a few shots from Mother's Day:

Here I am struggling to get all four kids to sit still and look at the camera for a nice Mother's Day picture on my new swing, a Mother's Day/Anniversary present from Jim. Isn't it great! As you can see, Thomas is trying to slide down and Zachary is crying. Needless to say, we didn't get a nice Mother's Day picture. Oh, well!

Having a cuddle with Jonathan

Relaxing with Zachary

Surrounded by my wild bunch!
It really doesn't get much better!
Happy Mother's Day!

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BoufMom9 said...

Love the first photo! Just "perfect".
I also love that you wrote about food being spilled on a freshly mopped floor. LOL I think mine can smell the Lysol and plan their attacks. heehee