Sunday, June 9, 2013

August 2012

Okay, it’s summer vacation!  Let’s get this catchup started!

Last August, just minutes before the new school year started (so it seemed to me!), we moved into our new house!

Strangely, I can’t seem to find any pictures of the front of it.  I should probably take care of that at some point!

If you asked the kids what their favorite thing was about the new house, they unanimously answered, “The stairs!!”
The view from the back deck
Don’t worry!  Jim is right behind them, and he put the screens in the windows right after I snapped this picture!
In case you’re curious, four first graders need so many school supplies that they don’t all fit in the giant tub!  Thank goodness the elementary school has a pre-first day Open house so parents can cart all the loot to school!
Of course, MY school days started a week before the kids’ did.  This year, the super-fun and awesome Miss Mandy kept the kids while I went to work. 
We love Miss Mandy!
First day of First Grade!
Dropping the kids off for their first day of first grade was a COMPLETELY different experience from their first day of kindergarten!  (First day of kindergarten)  I drove to the school, got in the drop-off line, AND THEY JUST GOT OUT OF THE CAR AND WALKED AWAY!!!!!
Love you, Mom!  And off they went! 
It must be so much easier for them because they have siblings, plus they were two-and-two this year, so no one was going alone to a classroom.  They were SO BIG!  No tears at all! 
At least not from them…I might have gotten a little misty-eyed…but only for a couple minutes!
Also in August:
Reagan lost some teeth.
We had a visit from Mr. Scott, Mrs. Laura, and Baby Grant!  What a cutie!
We took this picture.  I don’t know why. Smile
And we discovered what happens when you throw laundry in the air near an intake vent.
All in all, a pretty full month!
Next time? September!

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Love it! Keep it coming. I want to see how y'all are!