Sunday, July 10, 2011

Because Indianapolis Needs More Quads

Jim’s brother and his family have recently moved to Indianapolis, so we went to see them over Easter weekend and check the city out.  If it hadn’t been our first trip there, I would have tried to organize some double quad madness with the Murray Crew, but I just didn’t have it in me for this trip.  Hopefully, we can pull that off on a future visit!  Not sure how Reagan will like it with four MORE boys, though!
Anyway, we had a blast in Indy!  They have the most amazing children’s museum there!  Check it out!
There were Transformers!
And vehicles you could actually drive!
And dinosaurs!
And Barbie!  A whole exhibit dedicated to Barbie!
And spaceships!
And windows to peek through!
And trains!
And most importantly, family to have loads ad loads of fun with!

And that barely touches the surface of that museum!  We were there for HOURS and still didn’t see everything!
We also had fun at a nearby playground!  Jim got some GREAT pictures!
Make way for ducklings!

Cousin Avery
DSC_0789DSC_0788mad X 4edit
Mad faces!
All the cousins! (from the top and left to right) Tyler, Zachary, Reagan, Jonathan, Thomas, Avery
We also took the kids bowling for the first time!
And even with all of this, we still managed to find some time to just hang out at the house and enjoy each other’s company!
Okay, and grade some papers.  A teacher’s job is never done!
Unfortunately, the one thing we didn’t do was get pretty all-dressed-up-for-Easter pictures.  Partly because of the rush we were in to get to such a large crew to church on time that morning and partly because of the POURING RAIN and partly because we had to leave right after lunch to head back to Knoxville.  Oh, well.  We still had a GREAT time!  Thanks so much guys for letting us come!  Love you!

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Suzy said...

Hey, we're in Indy, too! Glad you had fun at the Children's Museum ... we're hoping to hit the Dora and Diego exhibit before it ends next month. :)