Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Let the Posting Begin!

It’s Spring Break Summer Break!  Time to blog about Christmas!
Grrr…it’s really ridiculous that I’m just now getting to this!  I seriously started this post back in March.  Oh, well!  On to Christmas! 
By all means, go back and read “Must Finish Christmas Before February” so that these Christmas posts flow better and my sad posting abilities become THAT MUCH MORE OBVIOUS!!.
The theme of this year’s Christmas was Toy Story!
It started with Jonathan asking for a pull-string Woody.  He had seen one at target and wanted it ever since.  Zachary promptly asked for Buzz.  And after watching Toy Story 3, Reagan said she wanted Jessie and Thomas wanted Bullseye.  We were grateful none of the kids wanted any of the seriously CREEPY toys from that movie!
Santa managed to find a really cool Woody/Buzz combo where the toys actually talk to each other!  We were thrilled to death with it…until we discovered that Woody didn’t have a pull-string.  WHY WOULD ANYONE MAKE A WOODY DOLL WITH NO PULL-STRING!!!!!  WHY, SANTA? WHY?!?  Jonathan had specifically asked for a PULL-STRING Woody, over and over.  He never forgot to mention the pull-string.
We debated sending Santa all the way back to the North Pole to get a different one.
Santa was not happy about that.
We decided to compromise.  This Woody was really cool, so maybe Jonathan would be okay with it.  Santa promised he’d bring another one, if Jonathan didn’t like this one.
So we waited til morning…
The first thing Jonathan did was turn Woody over and look for the pull-string.  When it wasn’t there, his arm dropped down.  He was so disappointed!  We knew he was just seconds from dropping Woody on the ground, one of those slow-motion falls, just like in the movie, where poor Woody falls and falls spinning into toy oblivion.
Quick!  Quick!  Damage control! Push the buttons!  Show him Woody talks!  Show him how Woody talks to Buzz!
Luckily, this was cool enough to revive excitement about Woody and Santa was saved from an emergency trip to get another one!
Seconds later, the kids noticed there were actually other presents too, and stockings, and Reagan almost brained herself trying to get her stocking down.  She pulled the incredibly heavy stocking holder down too, but managed to somehow catch it, saving us from a trip to the ER!
The rest of the day was PLAYTIME!!

Finally, it was time for bed.  The day was done and so is this post!  Merry Very Belated Christmas everyone!

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