Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Declaration from the King


Hear ye! Hear ye! By order of His Royal Highness, King Thomas the Wild, that it doth serve his supreme pleasure, all subjects of the quad-dom are hereby instructed to read and enjoy the following tales and illustrations. Due to his unending generosity, King Thomas hath provided these words for the benefit of all subjects, rich and poor alike, that through his wisdom, thine own lives shall be uplifted.

Providence hath seen fit of late to plague our glorious quad-dom with the evils of a most fearsome and vicious dragon. This very dragon hath ravaged the countryside for many a fortnight and didst take refuge in the mountains ere it could be slain. There the loathsome creature hideth, spreading fear throughout the realm


Fear of the dragon didst spread even to the very palace of the king, casting a shadow over the pure loveliness of Our Gracious Lady Reagan.


Good King Thomas therefore didst assemble all his mighty knights, that he might send them out to conquer the irksome beast and free his people of this terror. All the knights trembled at the task, save one. Sir Jonathan the Brave didst feel no fear of the dragon. He set forth on his perilous journey to slay the beast.


Sir Jonathan’s quest was long and full of danger, yet never did he turn back in fear. He pressed on with the utmost courage, til he didst discover the dragon’s lair. Such a battle then ensued that wouldst cause thy hairs to turn white upon thy head didst thou hear its details. In the end, victory was won by Brave Sir Jonathan of the Family Harris of the House of Jim, and he didst incredibly tame the dragon and bring it home to suit the pleasure of the king.


With joy didst the royal family welcome home their brave knight, and all the people of the quad-dom didst rejoice over the taming of the dragon.


Therefore, in his infinite goodness, King Thomas wisheth thee a most Happy and Dragon-free Halloween!


BECKY said...

I can't tell you how much I love this!!!!

The Perkins Girls said...

Ha! Too cute! Those sweet babies are so lucky to have you as a mommy :)

quirkymolly said...

these are SO CUTE!!!! what a creative combo of ideas!!

memckee2 said...

So cute and so clever!

Anonymous said...

Those are great costumes! What a clever idea. Great story, too. :)


Anonymous said...

Quite a nice little tale of the Kingdom of Harris for Halloween, 2009. Looks like everyone (including YOU) had fun. Very cute pics to go along with your very cute tale.

Love, Mom