Sunday, December 16, 2007

RSV Update

We continue to fight the snotty-nose war here at RSV Central! Sometimes things are okay, and other times they are a nightmare! The kids are so up and down with this thing. One minute they're lying around being totally pitiful and then they just pop up and play for a little bit, then just start crying for no apparent reason and come collapse in your lap all pitiful again.

And the snot! It's really awful! We are constantly wiping noses and will likely max out the space in the nearest landfill with all our tissues. And don't forget...the bulb syringe! Boy do the kids LOVE to have their noses sucked! Seriously, you should see them start running for cover whenever they see one. We literally have to hold them down with this contorted immobilizing grip while they twist and scream and cry and break our hearts they whole time! But the nastiness we get out of their noses makes it worthwhile I guess.

I'll be glad when it's over. Sadly, Jonathan is still having bouts of pitifulness and still running a fever. Reagan and Thomas have also run a fever off and on and been periodically pitiful. Zachary is doing the best currently. It's hard to say who is the worst because they change so much from one minute to the next. If they can just not be pitiful all at the same time, we may survive this!


Anonymous said...

Yuck! I hope everyone is feeling better soon! Stephanie

Molly said...

Just had to say that I have been thinking about y'all alot over the past few days. My snuggles with Reagan in the office on Friday made my entire week. When I walked in the room, she just lifted those little arms up to me like, "rescue me". She snuggled in and went to sleep and it felt SO good. I never get to snuggle them... what a joy!
Praying healing upon each little nose and all 8 ears!
See y'all next week.
love y'all!
Miss Molly

Andria said...

Poor things. I hope you see an end to the "snot" soon. I, too, feel bad when I have to approach with the SYRINGE, but it's great seeing all of what came out into the tissue too!

Hang in there! You're a pro at this.